Multivitamin Comparisons: How do you choose a multivitamin?

There are over 30,000+ vitamins on the market. What is the difference between the pricey and the less expensive? After all, a vitamin is a vitamin, right?  Fortunately, 7 Canadian and American biochemists have compared and evaluated 510 of the most widely available multivitamins in Canada in the U.S.  They compared each of these multivitamins by separating and measuring each ingredient - vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants and other components.  They put together the “perfect” multivitamin, with ingredients in the right amounts/form and the variety of vitamins and minerals.  They also considered if the vitamins were in the right combinations for the body's needs.  The “perfect” vitamin does not exist as some vitamins need to be taken separately and it would be the size of golf ball, and rather difficult to swallow!

They assigned each multivitamin a score, which was how close each one was to that perfect multivitamin score of 100%.  Only the top 11 multivitamins were above 25% of what the human body needs on a daily basis.  The popular supermarket brands all fell below 10%.

The top 25 multivitamin supplements:

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